About Me

My passion for diversity and inclusion drives my work as a video journalist. In particular, I love to cover stories that amplify the voices of immigrants and underrepresented groups.

During the 2017 Washington state legislative session, I relocated to Olympia, Washington to work full-time for TVW, which is best understood as Washington’s version of C-SPAN. As a legislative reporter, I hosted “Capitol Headlines,” which aired weekdays on TVW. I was also on the radio as the host of “Legislative Report,” which aired daily on 95.3 KGY Radio and 96.9 KAYO. In addition to TV and radio hosting, I produced social videos for TVW’s Facebook page.

Prior to this, I was a digital media intern at KING-TV (the NBC-affiliated news station in Seattle) and a freelancer for various Seattle news organizations, including the Seattle Globalist and Northwest Asian Weekly. I have returned to KING-TV for the spring/summer “Evening Magazine” production internship.

I am interested in working at a multimedia news organization with an emphasis on video production. Currently, I am seeking opportunities in reporting, and I am open to relocating. Feel free to email me at contact@starlasampaco.com.